SkyMatch 4
Download now and play SkyMatch 4 on your PC for free. If you love shooting and blowing things up, you’ll love this game. There are 2 modes, Explore & Battle. In explore mode you can simply drive around and explore the massive landscape, the aliens will fly around you but they won't attack. In battle mode the aliens will attack, but you can shoot back and destroy them. Shoot down all the UFOs and you win!

  • Intense battles
  • Chase UFOs across the enormous landscape
  • All new, masterfully crafted vehicle
  • Dynamic physics simulation
  • High-speed jet booster
  • Physics-based suspension and traction
  • Stunning visual quality
  • And more...

The Bad Boys
The UFOs and aliens feature an AI system which tracks your position on the terrain. They’ll fire plasma missiles at you.

The Blaster
Blast the hell out of the enemy with the top-mounted gun. To win you'll need to keep your cool and react quickly.

Just dowload the game, unzip, and double-click to start playing. You'll need a good graphics card. Please note that we're constantly updating SkyMatch, so check in often for updates. Current version: 4.5

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